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Jen Pembleton is a wife and mama of two little boys working in corporate America while growing her blog, A Lemonade Life! Listen to her story below as she dives into mom guilt, growing through hardship, getting your spouse on board when starting a business, and more:


Jen Pembleton is more than just a wife and mom of two young boys – she works a full-time corporate job and recently launched A Lemonade Life! And SOMEHOW in the midst of all of that, she found the time to talk with me and share her story. She’s been through some tough times and learned some difficult lessons along the way – from a divorce in her 20s, to realizing she didn’t “love” her childhood dream, to working through balancing her side hustle, career, and family – she knows what she wants and she’s chasing that dream! Here are some of the topics we discussed:


We all have breakthrough points as business-owning mamas. At some point, we said, “I’m going to do it! I’m going to make that leap, start that business, or take advantage of that opportunity.” Some might call it a turning point, or a pivotal milestone moment. Breakthroughs may seem like JUST a moment, but they’re usually the culmination of a bunch of smaller events and character growth that lead you to the point of being able to say “Yes.” If you haven’t had a breakthrough yet, I encourage you to keep searching. Subscribe to blogs like this one to hear stories from other REAL women who have been where you are and are giving flight to their dreams. We’re all normal people, just like you, and we’re working and learning together! You are not alone. Keep diving into new business ideas and doing personal development through reading or YouTube videos (there’s a great starter list later in this blog post!). You’ll get there, Mama!


Why We Do What We Do

Starting a business for money (or even just for fun!) isn’t enough. You have to be passionate about WHAT you’re doing, and your WHY has to be strong enough to keep you going even when the journey is harder than you’d like. Trust me. Been there. Making time for extra things is hard enough as a mom! If you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, if you can’t see the future behind your effort, then you’ll have a hard time being consistent and running the race. Need help figuring out your why? Check out some tips in this post.


Nitty Gritty

So you want to start a business but have no idea how to fit it in? Unless you have alone time at home during the day (well-coordinated naps or kids in school maybe?), nights and weekends are where it’s at. I’m a 100% stay at home mom, but my kids are also home so I have to get all of my work done in the nooks and crannies of my day so that I can spend quality time with my kids. Before they’re up in the morning, or while I’m heating up lunch or whatnot, I can usually snatch a couple minutes to get some quicker tasks done. But when it comes to the bulk of my work, I’m taking a page from Jen’s playbook and splitting up my evenings to pound out some of the bigger items such as writing, editing, and planning. For working moms like Jen, it’s so important to consistently carve out those work hours after the kids are in bed, but make sure you also prioritize your spouse! They’re important too! At the end of the day, your FAMILY is why you’re doing what you’re doing. Make sure your priorities are straight and balancing a season of business growth with caring for your family is important.


I hope you’ll take the time to watch this interview and hear from a mom like you who is starting her own business! It doesn’t take a bunch of money to be an entrepreneur, and it doesn’t even take a lot of know how. It just takes a teachable and resourceful spirit and a willingness to take some risk and do hard things.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole interview, check out these highlights:


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“I’m a working mom of two boys and wife to an adorable, high-maintenance guy. Despite my many short comings, I’ve managed to create a mindset that helps me turn the lemons that life inevitably throws my way into lemonade! A Lemonade Life is a hodgepodge of lessons learned, my deepest thoughts, my biggest blunders, and most importantly, a place where moms can come for reassurance that they aren’t the only ones who feel like they’re barely holding it together! Join me as I explore parenting, relationships, well being and everything in between.”

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