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Restarting your life after trauma is one thing… starting a business after trauma can seem daunting – if not completely impossible. But the truth is, we can choose to spend the time that we do feel good to move forward. Sheedia Jansen is here today to tell her story, her struggle with the bad days, and her decision to push through on the good days, and where she is as a result.


Where to even begin… Sheedia is such a joy to speak with! I had to edit out almost 30 minutes of ridiculous outtakes, laundry discussions, and a plethora of giggles – I loved getting to know this woman, her approach as a mindset coach, and her heart for helping others find their passion. In this video you’ll hear “Do You,” and an encouragement to be resourceful. You’ll finally get the truth behind where and how I do my video interviews 😉 and you’ll be encouraged to start your own purposeful business! Scroll below the video for a written summary and free journal prompt download!

Want to start your own business, have more flexibility, or be home with your kids, but maybe you’re already busy as a full time mom or in a job? Consider Sheedia’s advice:


#1 – Figure Out What Type of Business to Start

If you don’t know which business to start, think about your purpose in life. What is the message that you want to communicate to the world? What are things that you can talk about for hours? What are you passionate about? Think of a business idea that will be natural for you to work on, and will flow out of you. Find that thing you want to talk about – and it must be something that you’re passionate about.

Want some journal exercises that will help you get clear on which business to start? Get them free here!


#2 – Find Time to Fit It In

If it’s 30 minutes a week, don’t discard that and say “I only have a little time so it won’t work out…” Just multiply that by 52 and you have 26 hours that you’ve worked at your business by the end of the year. If it takes you three years to build a business because you’re a mom and working full time – take the three years, and when you get to the end, you’ll be glad you started when you did!


As you’re working with your limited time, make sure you prioritize and do the things that will actually make a difference in your business. If you only have 30 minutes, the number one thing you should be doing every week is getting yourself and your message out there! Telling your story works the best! It doesn’t matter which social platform you’re on. Share a story and relate it to your business. Watch the video above if you want some examples. People want to connect with you before they’ll purchase from you or hire you!


#3 – What’s Your Niche?

Niche down to the smallest viable group of people. If you’re a laundry or organization coach for busy moms, your mission is clear and you will attract clients that have needs in those specific areas! You won’t have someone asking you how to build a website, but people with laundry problems will see you as the expert that can fulfill their exact need.


Use the times you feel good to move forwardOvercoming Business and Personal Hurdles


In the video, Sheedia opened up about overcoming personal challenges at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. She wanted to start a business but never felt good enough or ready enough to start because she was working through PTSD from sexual abuse. But despite her struggles, she decided that even though she had a personal trauma issue that wasn’t 100% resolved, and she might not be mentally as strong as some others, she could do this. She chose to use the time that she DID feel good to go for it and start her current business,


Sheedia’s advice and reminders to others who have experienced personal trauma or sexual abuse:

  • It’s going to be OK. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Don’t rush healing. Take the time to do what you need to do.
  • Take care of yourself so you can get out of that PTSD.
  • Use the times that you feel good to move forward in your life.



Stop stressing and accept things as they come. Not in the way of not doing anything, but when something doesn’t go your way, be OK with it. If something doesn’t work, change it up and do it another way. Let it go if needed. If it doesn’t work out today, it might work out two months from now.

Want to Start a Coaching Business Like Sheedia?


Don’t wait to feel good enough, certified enough, or ready enough. You don’t need to have a huge successful business to help others – we can always help people who are just a few steps behind us. Start where you’re at.


If your story is like Sheedia’s, you are not alone in this. Leave a comment below to encourage others, or ask for help! Please subscribe to hear more stories of women like you who are making it work despite obstacles, and get ideas and inspiration to help you move forward. You can do this!

Tool Recommendations


Sheedia was quick to note that your best tool is yourself! Be resourceful. Learn how to learn. She also really loves tools that keep away distractions such as Self Control (to block websites you don’t want to go to) and Forest (lets you grow a tree on your phone based on how long you can go without touching it).


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More About Sheedia:

Sheedia Jansen is a Mindset & Biz Coach helping Shepreneurs create financial freedom with their soul’s purpose. Reach out to her and follow her for more inspiration and help as you get started!

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Starting a business after trauma - from a woman who's done it