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I know how hard it can be to figure out “what to do” with your life. I was trapped in the corporate world, just wanting freedom. I have the heart of an entrepreneur through and through, and the drive to build something for myself that I had complete control over was VERY real. My first business was an idea that sounded good, it was something new to me, and it was fun. But I honestly didn’t know what I was doing and I had to learn EVERYTHING the hard way. On top of that, I had just resigned COLD TURKEY from my full-time job, and that made for a great newlywed life of just scraping to get by. Not exactly the most ideal situation!


But I got through it.


After trying things that didn’t work, I scrapped it all and started again and again, until I made it to where I am today – working how and when I want, and making a decent living while raising my kids full-time. I can honestly say that being a business owner has made a huge impact in MY life, and it has been a massive blessing for my family as well. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


I can work flexibly to be there for my family.


I can “turn on” more income when I need to.


I have freedom and control over my destiny!


I want that for you, too. If you’re at all on the fence about starting a business – whether it’s just a dream brewing or you’re ready to launch, I want to talk with you for a sec, because it’s GO TIME! (*Read on, and I’ll even give you a fantastic business idea!*)




1. “I’m not ready!


Whether you’re detailing marketing plans, or you’re not sure if your business idea is “the one”, you have to stop believing the lie that if it’s not perfect, you can’t start. YOU CAN. If you’re waiting for the right moment to get into a business (Things like, “I’ll have more time to work on it when my kids are in school, done moving, after vacation, etc.”) then you need to understand that you’ll never have the perfect time, and sometimes you just have to start despite the obstacles in front of you. If you’re a recovering perfectionist like me, THE ONLY WAY to get over that hurdle is to TAKE ACTION. Imperfect, but excellent action.


When you find yourself getting stuck or distracted with a new shiny object it’s time to pause the noise and focus in on the one step ahead of you. Instead of thinking of it as “not perfect”, ask yourself, is this excellent or at the very least “good enough”? Could it be improved? Yes, but will my business HELP someone? Yes! If you wait until everything is perfect, you’ll look back in 2, 5 or 10 years and wish you would have just started something.


What to do about it: Think through a plan, but give yourself a specific and short timeframe to make it “good enough” and launch. Practice your focus like nothing else! If you can COMPLETE a plan, you can do anything in life. So make your first plan, make it doable, and then work the plan until completion.


I recommend starting with the one week in front of you. What is a step you can take each day to reach your first business milestone? Keep each step short, sweet, and easy. Break it down so that it’s doable, and take that first step immediately. Purchase the domain. Reach out to that potential customer. Print a flyer. Don’t get hung up on hiring a designer or making everything just so and not having time to actually work the business. This is when you’ll train your brain to stop focusing on the sidewalk and start looking up at the destination. You got this!


If you want it all laid out for you, I just polished up a step-by-step training on how to launch a profitable Social Media Management business in 30 days or less. It will walk you through exactly what I did to establish my business and gives scripts, templates, and examples to make it easy and move you forward quickly! Check it out here.


2. “My idea isn’t profitable enough!”


If you like the idea of “get rich quick” type of businesses or maybe you’re just really good at chasing shiny objects (I’ll be the first to admit, I have shiny object syndrome!), let’s take a breather. *Breathe.* Of course we want, and need, to make money. And honestly, entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to make really good money. But if you’re financially in need, then bouncing around from idea to idea just because X might make more money than Y will get you nowhere.


What to do about it: If you’re financially strapped, get a side job FIRST before starting your business. You’ll want the freedom to work effectively in your business without financial stress. Then, once you’ve taken care of your household, you’ll be able to effectively focus on and build your business. Some pressure is good, but I don’t want you starving and acting in desperation in the meantime!


You may not strike gold on your first business. Sometimes it takes TIME to find and navigate as a business owner to make your business fit your life, and create something you genuinely love. So I want you to have a little stability before you jump in feet first!


If you’re looking for a business idea with zero overhead and proven profitability (this is how I make five-figure months at my kitchen table!), check out my step-by-step training on how to be a Social Media Manager. I’d love to help you get started replacing your regular income with something that will bring you freedom and control in your life.


3. “I have too many business ideas!” 


If you’re a dreamer or an overly-thorough planner (again, preaching to the choir!), it’s time to just nail it down and go! Otherwise you’ll dream up a thousand fantastic ideas and never get out there and get the experience needed to make ONE of those ideas work. Getting in the practice of DOING means making your dream specific enough to launch from. Do it. Today. You also have to let go of the idea that the business you start isn’t going to grow and change… because it will. You’re not married to it forever. If you’re successful, you’ll be constantly growing and evolving your business to make it better… and better!


What to do about it: If you’re stuck on where to start, make a list of business ideas and narrow it down to those that you are most passionate about, and ones that will allow you to start quickly (let’s not spend months developing a new product, let’s figure out something you can start with next week and develop the product later on). Then simply chose one, and make a plan of action for the week ahead of you.


This is LITERALLY how I started my first business 10 years ago. I knew I wanted to go forward with entrepreneurship, and I had to pick something quick, so I looked at a list and picked one that sounded fun. Was it the right business for me forever? No. But I worked that business for two full years through the ups and downs. While I continued to DREAM, I was also in the trenches working a business that gave me a wealth of valuable experience and helped me build my current business that I love, that pays well, and that fits around my family life.


If you want an easy idea for a starting point, I created a step-by-step training to get you started quickly as a Social Media Manager. This is what I do in my own business! One of the reasons I love this business because you can do it anywhere, with very little (to zero!) overhead. Check it out and see if it might be a good fit for you!


4. “I’m going to mess up!”         


I’ve messed up a thousand times. I have tried so many things that failed, but you know what, I’m ridiculously confident now as a business owner. Why? Because I realized that messing up is OK, and mistakes are GOOD if you learn and grow from them. If you choose to see them as a learning opportunity, they give you character and wisdom for future work, businesses, and life in general. Not only that, but your mistakes can be an encouragement to others! NO ONE is perfect, and if you choose to brand yourself as your own business someday (by blogging, or through providing services) that relatability will allow you to connect with your audience and make your work that much sweeter.


What to do about it: It’s time to mess up and get over with it. The sooner you launch, the sooner you have the opportunity to learn and grow! In sales trainings that I’ve done, they often encourage you to keep calling and asking for a sale until you get your first “no” because often that first “no” is what is psyching us out and causing us not to even start. So it’s time to create that logo and ask for real feedback. Call up that business you love who needs help with their social media. Do a giveaway on your Facebook page. It’s time to take the leap and EMBRACE the leap! Even if it starts with a “no.”


5. “The market is saturated! I’ll never get customers!”


There’s never been a better time as a mom to build a business you love! The internet has a plethora of tools that make it easy to set up and run a business 100% online. And if you have a vision for your life and work that involves working from home (or wherever), you can be intentional in building a business that will allow you to live that dream. The reason I’m advocating to build an internet business here as an example, is when you take your business online, you don’t just have your local community to market to, but you have the WHOLE world. The pie is massive, and if you’re good at what you do and serving a need, then you can certainly have your piece.


As a Social Media Manager, for example, I worked with clients across the United States, from New York, to Texas, to California… you name it! And I was able to work within my niche, and I never even met many of my clients (other than occasional video calls!). I had to turn down work many times because I was at capacity, or just simply didn’t need the money.


The reason I say this is because the scarcity mindset is probably the biggest lie that you need to overcome right now. It is just that… a lie.


If you want me to walk you through building a “recession-proof” business with low overhead and serving a huge need, please check out my Social Media Business Launch Plan training. I want to help you build a business that you love by walking you through how to get customers and how to keep them by providing massive value.



6. “I don’t have time!”


If anyone doesn’t have time, it’s this girl! I have five little kids at home, I’m in the middle of moving, my husband works long hours, I have a bunch of client work, and I am exhausted by the end of the day. But I still get ‘er done. I’m not saying it’s easy, and I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way that has helped me get the right stuff done in the nooks and crannies of my day. It helps to think strategically and do the things that will actually move your business forward as well!


What to do about it: Dig deep into your WHY. Do you want to create a better future for your family? Do you desperately need to escape the chains of debt? Do you need to help others and have a purpose that matters? Do you want to experience stability and empowerment in a time of uncertainty? Write out your purpose for starting a business, and look at it every day. If your why and reason for starting a business is strong enough, you can do anything! Next, figure out where you have a few minutes to spare. Is it for 30 minutes after the kids go to bed? During lunch break at work? Five minutes in the school pick up line? Believe it or not, if you have five minutes, you can move forward. I like to break my goals down into quick 5-10 minute tasks that I can tackle as I have time. I try to do 3 tasks per day, and if I’m successful, by the end of a week, I’ll have taken 21 baby steps towards my goal. That is so much better than nothing!


7. “I don’t know how to start!”


Maybe you’re saying, “OK, so you convinced me to start a business – now what?”


orange sweatshirt, head covered in brain box


Ready to Start Your Mom Business?


My mission in life is to help moms and women start a business they love. I don’t think people truly know the blessings that can come from being a business owner and building your own destiny. I feel so empowered in my business; I know that when times get tough, I have to strength and know-how to move my family forward no matter what life throws my way.


All that said: I’m here for you. Feel free to ask me a question any time, and please also check out my step-by-step training for how to build a Social Media Manager business. You might not want to be a social media manager per se, but if you want to build a business, and do it online, this course is perfect for getting you started towards your dream. I go over all of the basics of building a business and building a social media and marketing strategy for your business from a mom’s perspective (Busy lady here! Trust me when I tell you I’m all about efficiency and flexibility!).


Learn about the Social Media Business Launch Plan here!

I’m rooting for you!

~ Mara


  1. I think that I have thought every last one of these, my biggest thing that held me back was that i didn’t feel ready yet and I was fearful of the unknown, thank you for this post!

    • You’re welcome! I hope this post was able to help you. I know you can do it! 🙂

  2. I am pretty sure I lack the self confidence. I started a cleaning business but haven’t had many customers…I feel like a failure.

    • I understand that you may feel that way but hey, starting a business of your own is already a success and you should be proud of yourself! All businesses go through that phase and as long as you continue to do your best and don’t lose your passion, you can face obstacles with confidence! I know you can do it! 🙂

  3. I still struggle with not feeling ready! Great ideas!

    • Thank you Sarah! And I understand that you may still feel unprepared. But, you know, there will never be a perfect time, and believe me, sometimes you just have to start regardless of the obstacles in your way. The only way to get over that hump is to act. You’ve got it!💕


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