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Let’s face it. The odds are against us as moms.

So. much. stuff. to. do.

If you’re at all like me, you want to feel inspired and energetic about your “work”, whether it’s working on your business, homeschooling your kids, or doing laundry… But that isn’t always easy as a mom. There are so many days that we just have to push through, even when we don’t feel like it, and that can DEFINITELY lead to some procrastination! Today’s blog post is a little about procrastination and a lot about overcoming perfectionism so you can do what you need to do to succeed for your family.

I’ve been a business owner since 2010 and trust me, I’ve gotten to that point where you just have to get ‘er done. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way to help you get stuff done and stop procrastinating:


1. Don’t Let “Perfectionism” Get In The Way Of Your Work.

If you’re a semi type A personality like me, you like things to be just right before you pull the trigger, and you get frustrated if they aren’t so. When I feel this happening to me (and trust me, I have three toddlers who like to mess up my well-thought-out house, it happens all the time!), instead of focusing on mastering the chaos and feeling like an exhausted failure at the end of the day when I can’t tell what I got done… I focus on the things that will move us forward. Instead of un-decorating the mantle for the third time (hello bright-colored toys!), I vacuum and unload the dishwasher. Check. Instead of clearing out my email inbox (a never-ending task!), I finish drafting that blog post. Check. Instead of fussing over the lesson plan that I wanted to perfect before sharing with my kids, we sit down and read together. Check. At the end of the day, I can reflect on what I actually got done instead of just treading water throughout the day.

2. Reframe Your Mindset.

Ask yourself, are you in this for the long haul? You need to be! Think about the big picture. As an example, teaching your kids isn’t about doing each lesson perfectly and maintaining order, it’s about learning how to read and teaching your kids to enjoy the learning process. I had a really pivotal moment recently where I decided to reframe my mindset about myself. Instead of thinking of myself as a perfectionist, I try to think of myself as a person of excellence. I don’t need things to be perfect. But as long as they are pretty good, and most importantly DONE, that’s what matters. Excellent gets it done, perfection gets stuck.


3. Dig Deep To Find Your WHY.

This is the common thread of this entire blog – if your reason for doing something isn’t strong enough, you will NEVER be able to overcome the obstacles that get in your way. Is your WHY strong enough to get you out of bed in the morning? Read how to find your why here, and what happened when my why wasn’t strong enough.


4. Choose The “Pain Of Discipline Over The Pain Of Regret.”

We’ve all heard the quote before, and it’s something I try to think about when I get into procrastination mode. Starting and working a business takes time and persistence. You may not see the results you want for two years, but can you think ahead and take the steps now that will bring you there? Don’t look back years from now wishing you did! Don’t look back a week from now wishing you had those things done… You CAN do this. Start small, but get something done.


5. Become A Person Who Shows Up.

I waffle back and forth between the “eat the frog” and “build momentum” methods in my anti-procrastination strategies: Sometimes I’ll try to get the really hard thing done quickly, and then other times I try to get as many small tasks done as possible so that I only have one or two things left on my list. Both options feel great and lead to getting stuff done. But in the end, I think what really matters is showing up. The book Atomic Habits talks about, for example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, you need to be someone who shows up first. Set a time to work out and go for few minutes. All the sudden, you’re a person who goes to the gym every day, even if it’s only for five minutes. Then build up from there. Do the same with your work. If you struggle to get up in the morning, be the person who gets up 10 minutes early and writes. Every. Day. Until it’s a habit. Once it’s not a struggle, make it 20 minutes, then 30. And when you commit to showing up, do the stuff that matters and that will push your business forward (hint: it’s usually not social media!).


Put It Into Action


My husband calls me the queen of 80%. I have started so many amazing projects and stopped just short of finishing. Why? Busyness. Boredom. Shiny object syndrome. But mostly… my perfectionism. I deeply want anything I put out there to be 100% ready, and 100% fail-proof. But that’s no way to live.

I broke the cycle a couple of weeks ago by publishing my first book. I am going all in on sharing my content with those who need it, and I’m not going to let perfectionism stop me anymore. I’m done procrastinating!


I don’t want you to live like that either. If you want to get more stuff done, here are some ideas to get you on the right path:


  • Make a list the night before. Put your most difficult/necessary task first and DO IT FIRST. If you get nothing else done, you will still feel accomplished and frame your day with that positive accomplishment.
  • Get up and go. Have your laptop, notebook, and anything else you need for that first necessary task ready to go. I tend to pile my laptop and notebook next to my bed so I can just wake up and start immediately. I don’t have to wander the house getting distracted and hunting for what I need because it’s ready and waiting.
  • Get up early. This one is hard for me to say because it’s something I still struggle with. But honestly, you can focus on your kids, household, and other work much easier if you have moved your business forward during the early, quiet hours of the day.
  • Write down your goal and / or purpose every day. Remind yourself why you have to show up and stop procrastinating.


I’m not perfect, and I’m learning this alongside you. I’m committing to get up early every work day this month. I’ll be getting up at 5:30 when my hubby leaves for work, and using those few hours every morning to move forward in my business! Let’s see where this can take us. ❤

Share your goal or favorite anti-procrastination tip in the comments below: