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For me, it’s been a week of “No’s” and some tougher conversations. As an entrepreneur, you have to have some thick skin in order to make things work. There’s no one selling for you. There’s no one leading for you. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all yours baby. For the most part it’s invigorating and energizing – the idea of owning your own life, being accountable for your own goals and actions… But then sometimes you just feel like you can’t get a break, especially when you’re working hard and you’re a little tired. All those “No’s” can wear on you. If that’s where you are right now, I want to speak to you…

What is your purpose? Really think about it.

You’re not selling workout programs. You’re helping people live a better life and have more energy for their family.

You’re not selling jewelry, you’re helping women feel beautiful about themselves.

You’re not building websites, you’re helping small business owners get found so they can support their families.

You get the picture.

And if you’re doing YOUR PURPOSE, then what do you have to be afraid of?

mobile wallpaper download free - remember this, you had a purpose before anyone else had an opinion

You’ve probably had those tough conversations. It’s too expensive. I don’t believe in it. I’m not ready. Sure thing, I’ll let you know. I’m all set. It doesn’t work. It can feel defeating to hear words like that. I’m not going to say that “every no is a step closer to yes.” You already know that. But what I am going to remind you is that YOU have a PURPOSE. If you keep your business heart-centered, if you truly care about people, then their opinions and objections won’t phase you.

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