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Busy mama, energy hacks for tired mamas

Ugh. Ever have those days that you feel like you’re just DRAGGING? Especially with little kids running around, I have those days often! And when I want to lay down rather than sweep up cheerios for the fiftieth time, I just want to sink in a hole (or couch) and wait it out. Haha! But we all know that doesn’t help. If you need a little energy pick-me-up, this article is for you!

*If you have ongoing tiredness and lack of energy, it could also be medical-related. I don’t have medical advice, so please reach out to your doctor if it’s an ongoing problem.*

I am a BUSY mama. Like seriously. I cook, clean, take care of two toddlers, an infant, myself, and my husband, and I work to make a full time income. I also have a tiny social life, believe it or not 😉 So let’s just say I’m in the trenches… here are some ideas to up your energy level – from yours truly and a few other mamas in the trenches:

✔ Stick with your routine!

Even if you haven’t slept in a week – or years – having a solid routine helps you get going and it helps your kids know what to expect as well (hint – less crabbiness!). My husband swears by getting up at the same time every day, even on the weekends!

✔ Prep for the day!

Showering and getting dressed (ALL THE WAY – including hair and makeup/lotion) will help you feel more confident and energetic. Don’t skip breakfast – eek! It’s the most important meal of the day and skipping will kill your metabolism and make you feel sluggish later.

exercise can help your energy levels, energy hacks for tired mamas

✔ Exercise!

When you feel sluggish, getting moving is a great way to change your energy for the day. Even if you just drop and do some pushups or squats in the middle of the day, it will help get your heart rate up and give you a boost of energy.

✔ Good nutrition is important!

Drink lots of water and take any supplements or necessary medications. Try to have some healthy snacks with protein on hand to grab when you have a minute. I love sunflower seeds, greek yogurt with honey, and Shakeology. A bonus tip from a photographer friend who’s on her feet all day at weddings – eat half a cucumber and drink all the green tea for sustained energy and hydration!

✔ Take advantage of nap/quiet time!

Chill during nap time or when the kids go to bed. It’s easy to want to go go go and be productive, but sometimes it’s better to relax with a movie, close your eyes, and just take some time to take care of yourself.

✔ Survival is OK, too!

Sometimes you just have to stop trying to be productive for a minute, or a day. It’s OK. Just make sure the little people survive. If all else fails, lock yourself in a child-proofed room with the kids and a snack, turn on the TV, and hand them some treats. Lay on a couch and sleep with one eye open.

get over your fear of asking for help, energy hacks for tired mamas

✔ Get Over Your Fear of Asking for Help

This one is still hard for me, but if it all gets to be too much, reach out for help. It’s OK to not be able to do it all. My parents and in-laws take our girls for a weekend once per month and it’s been such a blessing to have that extra time to get rest and catch up on life a bit. If you need more help, reach out to a trusted friend, your church, or counselor.


energy hacks for tired mamas

As they say, mommin’ ain’t easy. But it sure is worth it. Hang in there, mama!

Do you have an energy hack to share with us? Comment below!