Mara Olson

Goal Setting Mama - Travel MamaAll of my life, I’ve had huge dreams and goals. From the moment I submitted my last resignation letter to now, it’s been an amazing, joy-filled, and challenging journey learning how to build a business I love. As a mom, I wanted desperately to help provide for my family and achieve crazy financial and lifestyle dreams… while being there for my kids. I wanted “it all” so to speak. But the truth is (and maybe you can relate to this!), if I’m going to take some of that precious focus and time away from my kids, then it should be for something that is meaningful… Work that I can do efficiently to fit around my life, and work that I am passionate about.

I’ve done lots of crazy things for work. Design. Writing. Social media. Websites. Coaching. Events. Marketing. You name it, I’ve probably tried it (or at least thought about it!). Starting and growing businesses is in my DNA. Along the way, I’ve worked in businesses that never paid the bills but were a lot of fun. I’ve learned things on purpose, and on accident. I’ve started businesses that created jobs for other women. I’ve spent too much and too little time working. I’ve skipped out on a lot of sleep. I’ve made 4 figures and 6 figures. I’ve become a regular at coffee shops and libraries (hello, good internet!), but for the most part, my office is my couch. And now, I’m doing this crazy little dance – just trying to balance this mom thing, and this business thing. I currently make a full-time income between client work and blogging, and I fit it all around my life. If this is where your heart is at, I want to teach you how to do this, too.

tips for charging more, raising rates, running a business, what to charge self-employedJoin me for this journey – I want to get you there faster, teach you to dream bigger, and help you keep your focus where it should be.

My goal is to help YOU reach your goals for your life and family… I’ve been in the trenches, going from corporate America almost a decade ago to working full time from home (with five little kids!). I’ve seen all the ups and downs of self-employment and entrepreneurship.

My mission is to share everything that I’ve learned along the way.

Whether you want to start or grow a business you love, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about goal-setting for success, business basics, building better websites, marketing, social media, and more.

Let’s dream bigger together, shall we?

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